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Meditation doesn't have to be boring, let me show you!



    OBLIVION LLC is a community that provides a safe place for people to heal from wounds placed there by those closest to them.There is a different type of hurt when your own tribe, your own team, and your own “protectors” wrong you. This is why Oblivion LLC is dedicated to healing generational trauma, & helping people understand how they can take their lives back through mindfulness & meditation. 


    Through creative techniques, interactive games, mindfulness events, & much more executed by our certified meditation teachers & personal trainers, Oblivion LLC will allow meditation to become a LIFESTYLE....using it as a way to connect within themselves before seeking outward for validation. 


     Our mission is to provide a non-traditional healing environment for our community that motivates people to live a healthy life without compromising who they are, whilst embracing diversity & encouraging our community to welcome people of all backgrounds.

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It's crazy how much you can see with your eyes closed, especially if you've got a vision

- Big Sean


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