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one who embraces courage, compassion, discipline and training to master one's own self.

Born March 14, 1997 in Detroit, Mi DaSia always had a passion for helping others and making them smile. But, there was a time where she once struggled to do the same for herself. When she attempted to seek assistance, there was an aggressive realization that the mental health "system" in America is incredibly malnourished. The approaches MOST physicians and people take regarding this topic is incredibly irresponsible, ESPECIALLY and SPECIFICALLY for black people. With this is mind, DaSia sought guidance from God and holistic health professionals to help conquer depression and anxiety. Now, she wants to help everyone do the same through prayer and meditation. With transparency, creativity, and focus, DaSia will uplift those around her through her refreshing approach on mental health!

It's crazy how much you can see with your eyes closed, especially if you've got a vision

- Big Sean


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